Personal Range Time – $100/hour

Personal Range Time


A private one on one range session with a DRFT certified Instructor. These sessions are about the student, and are intended to make you more proficient in the areas of shooting you feel uncomfortable with. Many shooters are less adept in one area or another and often do not practice certain necessary skills. A DRFT instructor can help get you over these hurdles and make you a skilled shooter. This is a course based upon individual attention to the student to make him/her more comfortable with the shooting sports in general.

Have one of our certified instructors help you to become proficient with your recently purchased firearm. Our instructors will observe you shoot and provide helpful instructions on proper technique so that you develop proper marksmanship skills.

Not sure what type of firearm you would like to purchase? You can attend a range session with one of our Certified instructors who will provide an assortment of different firearms for you to try. Our Staff will assist you in selecting the proper firearm that best suits your needs. This session gives the student the opportunity to shoot multiple types of firearms of different calibers before you purchase your own personal firearm. This is a great opportunity for someone trying to narrow their firearms choice down to a specific one.

The use of the firearms is provided at no additional cost. The student pays for the ammunition used during the session.

All classes are taught by Down Range Firearms Training NRA Certified and State Police Certified Firearms Instructors.

We can customize a training session to fit your needs, please call for details.