About Us

Down Range Firearms Training was founded in 2010 as a way to teach shooters the fundamentals and proper handling of firearms. We felt that with our knowledge, attitudes, and experience, we could change the way people trained, and produce more proficient and responsible shooters in the commonwealth. We’ve traveled across the country to train with some of the world’s most elite firearms and combatives instructors and brought our knowledge and experience back to Massachusetts.

We are one of the few private entities that possess the ability to properly teach students the responsible and judgmental use of force using our state of the art Milo Range 3000 Firearms Simulator. All of our instructors are trained in the use of the system, which allows us to take students off of the square range, and put them in real life scenarios where they can safely and responsibly use the skills that they have learned to survive a lethal encounter on the streets.

In 2011, in order to meet the standards and demands of the every changing industry, we doubled the training staff and added diversity to an already eclectic  group of instructors. We added the experience of competition shooters, veterans of the United States Army and Marine Corp, and law enforcement officers to the cadre of instructors.

Combining over 75 years of real world firearms and shooting experience, we continue to evolve and expand with the rapid advances in the firearms and shooting sports industry. We have developed many great shooting programs designed to help the most basic to the most advanced gun enthusiasts. We have trained with some of the most advanced instructors in the industry in order to better serve our students. All of the years of experience, travel, and knowledge we bring back to our classroom provides students a unique and rewarding experience that will set the foundation for their shooting careers.

All of our instructors have since become certified as Combat Focus Shooting Instructors from the internationally known I.C.E. Training Company under the direct guidance of Rob Pincus. Combat Focus Shooting is an intuitive shooting program designed to work well with what the body does naturally during a dynamic critical incident. To date there are less than 50 qualified instructors in the entire world eligible to teach this extremely important skill set, and we employ 4 of those instructors.